Wednesday, May 25, 2005


nunu & nate
It has been an amazing week! Hugh's sister Janet and brother-in-law Tom, gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby named Nate on Saturday:) Hugh and I watched their 3 year old big sister Nora Nu Nu and had total parental immersion! Waking up at 6:30 AM to boot.

Also, Happy B-day to my cool little brother Andrew who turned 15 on Tuesday!!!

Tomorrow I'm babysitting for my friend's baby Samuel and having a baby date with Kaddison & stef! Baby week!

Thank you soooo much dear sister Jesse & marvelous Jenny from Queenthings for my incredible new music... love love love.

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jenny vorwaller said...

so you like? (no, wait, love love love! yay!) i just realized that i didn't send a playlist! let me know if you'd like it~i can email it to ya.

(she's just so moody and perfect to paint to~all her songs blend into each other and i forget what time it is...)