Friday, May 27, 2005


my theme today is this-- sloooowing down. i've been working on overwhelm mode & immensely enjoyed baby lovely-ness, but too much dishelvement and getting from one place to the next. time to breathe and focus on slowing... down. how do you all take time to slow down and pause?


Cin said...

I found my slowing down just today.

sketchbook, garden, shade, all the lovely greens, little bird, quiet looking

maria said...

i love slowing down. yoga and breathing works for me. have a whole day with nothing planned also works really well. that allows you to just wander through and enjoy what comes! have a great day ... mav

srb said...

guess what?! Your blog is the first I've ever seen and I love it. So sweet and thoughtful.

I'm taking time to slow down and I really shouldn't...I like to walk and think to get my head back in the me, in the now.