Sunday, May 01, 2005


my sweet upstairs neighbor laurelscored me this book- "my dog is lost" by ezra jack keats on the street. one person's trash is another's treasure! i want to remember this book when i get too fussy with composition.

i've been walking my neighbor & friend donna's little dog named mico the last few weeks while she does yoga teacher training. i'm not a dog person, but have fallen for mico monster. such a muppet. so very expressive with his little jumps and underbite and big eyes.

my sister wants a french bull dog and i finally laid eyes on one-- so ugly cute! like a little gremlin! i can see why, jesse:)

feeling grateful for this weekend:
~nights spent solo painting
~charming teenage movies
~hiking bernal hill with christina
~strawberry rhubarb pizza, chocolate pudding, homemade chai & loving the tacos on the corner again!
~improving my spanish with oscar y jesus at work
~figuring out what to say to the men who hassle me on the corner, the polite choice- "porfavor no me molestas"
~book group! my pick!
~hugh rubbing my feet, cleaning the house and doing laundry
~tom's vodka tonic nightcap
~scheming of opening up a gallery with christina & debbie!
~discovering the "chocolate factory" and a cranky parisian man {from paris, not france} who ended up giving me lots of free samples!
~watching a yo-yo troupe practice at the burger joint
~paint, paint, paint


Jesse said...

Yeah, our dog fever is only getting worse. Having Keisha was so much fun. I even went to a puppy store to look at an FBD puppy(French Bull Dog!), but it was $1,700. SO we continue to look.

I am glad you see the cuteness behind the bulging eyes and funny bodies!!

Anonymous said...

hey maters,
lady, wear some make-up! some loser needs to get a life and work on their own self-esteem rather than wasting time cowardly posting "anonymous" sally struthers beauty advice. BTW, I'm not the same anon-poster, perhaps I should get an indentifiable blog identity so you'll never confuse me with that strange human being. Spread the love, BFF

shash said...

strawberry rhubarb pizza??! did you make that or buy it? yummers.
and i second the people posting on how ridiculous that makeup comment was! you look intense and beautiful in the pics. what a wacko.
i do recommend the straus tour. they give different ones. this one was about how they became organic and was led by albert straus himself. very cool. there are a bunch of fun sounding tours through MALT (marin agricultural land trust)
happy week to you!