Wednesday, May 04, 2005


ergh. i came all the way down to school, on my bike, in the rain, to meet with my illo teach to get some advice. poor guy seemed pretty flustered and had forgotten our meeting, ETC. but anyhow, it leaves me so unmotivated for going home and working on my homework for that very same class!

i wanted to ask burning questions on the field of illustration. why so much stigma against illustrators vs. fine art in school? does it exist in the "real world", too? i wanted feedback on my art. i wanted to know if the classes i signed up for next semester are appropriate: graphic design 1, painting 2, painting workshop, illustration 2&3 and "survival", which i think is like editorial. i wanted to pick his brain on the future of illustration and the history. big topics, i know. no emergencies either, but really, i feel so bummed to make the effort to meet and then be forgotten and stood-up.

ESPECIALLY when it took a bit of courage to ask for this meeting and to feel important enough to be warranted it for no particular reason. oh i'm feeling a little bleary eyed and sniffly.

i guess, in the end, it's all up to me to motivate myself! back home i go. to my paints. i think i can.

i can feel someone's eyes reading over my shoulder as i write this in the library... intrigued by the title, eh? hee.

if you all have any thoughts on the field of illustration, personal experiences, ADVICE, please feel free to pipe in:) thanks for reading my blather.


Jenny Vorwaller said...

that's so hard mati...and it's so easy to get discouraged when things like that happen. i wish i had some warranted advice to spill for you, about the illo world and how it is "out there." but i don't really know. i wish i knew the secrets, the way to work around all the business side of it, and how to get on the inside.

it takes a lot of courage for me to ask for help too, and to not get it when you were so ready just isn't fair.

so...reaching into my hat of's this and i hope it helps...i picked up a book yesterday and a notecard fell out that had my old handwriting on it, "the universe will reward you for taking risks on its behalf." hmmm. that sounds neat. i can't remeber who said it, or when i wrote it, but i still like it.

wow this is a long comment! maybe i should have written you instead! but i love your blog because i can vicariously live through your art school "experience." even if sometimes it's rough.

Anonymous said...

Do not worry about what classes you will be taking next semester. I know that is hard to do in reality, but you will do fine. And probably the most important thing you will gain from being in art school is the connections, both for future business opportunities and for friendship.