Thursday, July 28, 2005

illo friday tranquility

this is a drawing i did at the beginning of the semester of leonard cohen with seaweed on his head about the song "suzanne"... thinking of her as a boat. i think he is tranquil drinking his tea all the way from china and oranges, but he might be a bit tormented too because he is anchored to the shore. maybe tranquil in his space of torment? very zen cohen.


Anonymous said...

this is great!!
i love the stuff on the land and the seaweeed hair and how the steam explodes from the cup.

i also really dig the message in a bottle.

this image has a lot of energy!

-c h r i s

Anonymous said...

I agree! Lot of energy in all your work. The imagery is so rich here.

gkgirl said...

i love leonard.

great painting as well