Wednesday, July 27, 2005


for many moons hugh & i have been plotting to switch our bedroom with our office. this saturday we attempted it and now i sit typing where our bed used to be... it explains why i keep wanting to lay down:) i took pictures BEFORe... welcome to the chaos. posting these is motivation to make it real pretty and take after pics!
cool things to spot in the mess are: the fridge drawers in the closet for socks & undies (my landlords invention), ribbon idea for hanging earrings, sabrina,meredith and dave's paintings-- check out his street art, too.
the explosion in mid-process.
our bed stripped & sadly we had to put the headboard to rest in our new space it doesn't fit:( this is where our computer is now. it just seems to make sense to have a small space for our inevitably messy bedroom and bigger space for our soon to be swank & organized office!

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Anonymous said...

too bad you can't hang this gorgeous head board on the wall somewhere, its beautiful