Thursday, August 04, 2005

aging illo friday

when i get older i wanna still be caught singing the beastie boys on high volume!
anywho, this is a quick sketch, but i liked the idea & spontaneity captured with my first thought. plus, i want to work on other things today:)
i have big things on my mind like:
~what color should i paint my bedroom?
~pale blue?
~is Beck really a scientologist?
~why is it summer and i'm wearing a corduroy jacket, sweater & hat (well i do love my aforementioned hat)?!
~does meredith like the fatter drawing i did?
~am i lactose intolerant?
~why did i think yesterday was bring your pet to blog day, and am i starting a new category of bring your sister's pet to blog, and why oh why do i even want to particpate when i only have a goldfish?
~jessie, will you meet me at the playground with your skateboard when we're 90 with your boombox/ipod/music machine of the future?


Jesse said...

It's Beck's wife who is, right? She is Giovanni Ribisi's twin sister...and I think they (the twins) are scientologists. But don't quote me on that.

A pale blue bedrooms sounds soothing and calm. I like that idea!

chacha said...

dude...i love the beastie boys!! nice illo!

mati rose said...

hee jesse, you're always so in the know!!

Anonymous said...


tania Howells said...

hee hee!
thats great.
i want to be that way too!

Meredith said...

yes, me too
yes on pale blue cuz it will be pretty and restful and it will go well with the painting you're getting, don't know about beck, but yes, meredith loves the fatter drawing very much!

shash said...

very cute illo. and now i have that song in my head! or at least that part. can't remember the rest. pet to blog was yeterday, wasn't it? i like that you bring others' pets to your blog. :-)

maria said...

hahaha. love this & your comments. and what IS up with Beck anyway?!?!?!!? so cute ... so odd.
:) mav

JR said...

i'm already here. i've been here for hours. my soup's cold. where ARE you? and watch out, cuz the swingset's got rusty screws.