Tuesday, August 23, 2005

before i forget

after i get back from burning man i want to remember to:
~get my gocco going
~make day of the week undies & onsies
~shrinky dinks
~make soap with jessie before she goes?
~marmalade with pat's lemons
~paintings for open studio in october!
~my own line of suspect design shirts:)
~school starts sept 6th, oh my!
~update website
~get a shop & sell archival prints
~kid's book crit group sept 11th
~paint bedroom
~transform studio wall into organized space
~make master mailing list & send out samples


jenny vorwaller said...

yes! definetly join etsy! it's such a wonderful place :O and then i can buy things from you...

Anonymous said...

our lists are talking to eachother.