Thursday, September 15, 2005



I'm a bit sad today.

One of my nearest & dearest friends Jessie Elizabeth Rogers left town this morning.
She came and picked me up at 7am to go get her U-Haul trailer (in the very same art car we started our adventure in 5 years ago)!

I feel like a chapter in my life has ended... another one inevitabily beginning!

You see, jessie and i drove out here to SF together and now she's moved on to Albuquerque (just for 12 months, i hope to return to the bay area!).

Jesssie and i were placed as roomates (random or destiny I know not) our first year in college in Minnesota. We took the temperature every day in the winter and charted it on a calendar on our floor. Put a huge Frida Kahlo poster on our ceiling and asked her advice. We raised our small beds up on cinder blocks to loft them a bit. Ahhh, so long ago, but still we are so little ten years, 11? later.

I remember the excitement of getting that letter stating my roomate's name and lo and behold it was the very same name as my sister- Jesse Elizabeth. Crazy, no? On the phone Jessie said she had a "teva tan", I said, "You sound like a girl with a teva tan". Remember those spongey sporty sandals? hee.

There has always been Mati & Jesse or Jessie.

I'm a lucky girl, it's true, to have such companionship and sisterly love.

Just soaking up my missing right now, staying with it, moving through it and appreciating Ms. Jessie so.


jenny vorwaller said...

oh mati, im so sorry, i hate goodbyes.

Swirly said...

I appreciate your sadness, but from the other perspective - that of the one that has moved. I am still within driving distance of many close friends, but the transition has been challenging indeed. You will find new ways to connect over the miles. :)

la vie en rose said...

Thank you for sharing your missing and for having the courage to stay with it, feel it, and move through it. That encourages my heart and reminds me that I too can stay with my emotions.

tania said...

sad when people go...

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of one of my favorite artist's work: Francesco Clemente.



Cin said...

love your illo Mati! and sorry about your friend leaving. . .