Wednesday, September 14, 2005

today: i am striving for sweet calm

flippin' the script:school is kicking my butt and i'm going to learn sooo much, right?

nourishment: hugh made a big ol' pot of homemade split pea & chard soup! day 3 and it keeps getting better:)

support: sweet phone messages from friends that i have not yet returned nor seen in eons but listen to a bit everytime i check my messages- bekah, donna, sabrina and kate wc i miss you SO much:)

adventure: trampolines! sailing last night... wait, i totally forgot about that! last night i went on a catamaran (sp?) to wish my dearest jessie on her adventure to new mex. amazing! there was even a trampoline on board and a sunset! how quickly the memory fades...

stimulus: twyla tharp's "the creative habit"... more on this!

pure delight:the small object's awesome homegrown mix that i'm listening to for our cd swap! sarah is genius!

upcoming: beth & brian's wedding this weekend and camping and houseboats!

images of today:

new shoes (for 12.99! that will soon fall apart...)

legwarmers knit by donna lee:

lantern i drew for degree of personal difficulty:

me this morning smiling & tired! to counterbalance the sorta fierce one below:)
me smiling


Anonymous said...

A little "bundle of love" for Christmas! Oodles of Poodles
Toys, Tiny Toys, Teacups, a girl or a boy. Ask Santa to bring a gift of continuing joy!

la vie en rose said...

I purchased The Creative Habit some time back after reading about it somewhere, it may have been Oprah's magazine. I hate to admit it's one of those books that I purchased, read the intro, and then never picked back up. So would you recommend I give it another go?

Cute shoes!

I don't know what a catamarin is but it sounds fun...especially if it includes a trampoline.

jenny vorwaller said...

mati. had to tell you i think this is a gorgeous capture of you and your pretty smile.

love the lantern :) and hugh is so nice!

i miss trampolines.

emily said...

mates, i am loving the colors on your blog these days... we have to get together sometime soon too. sending you strength and calm and control!
xo, emily

Meredith said...

I'd like to see your drawing of the lantern! I'll bet it's cool.
I'm curious about that book too. It sounds pretty good.

Sorry that school is kicking your butt. Maybe a teacup poodle will help.