Monday, September 26, 2005

resistance is fertile

did i mention how much i despise drawing drapery? ditto for learning flash!

i'm trying trying trying to resist less and just melt on into it...

and maybe just maybe something new will bloom.

SLOOOOWINg down. yup.


la vie en rose said...

Who knows...sometimes the blooming doesn't come for years down the road...I know that probably wasn't very helpful or hopeful. I just always tend to want results right away and sometimes it really doesn't happen until on down the road. And sometimes it never comes but I get to say, "Hey I hated it but I survived it!"

Kim Carney said...

I have taken three flash classes, and when I am in the class i understand EVERYTHING, but when i open that program at work - I can not remember a thing! But it is a fun fun program and well worth learning!