Friday, October 07, 2005

grateful friday

I had been thinking this would be a good idea & then read Stef's post... maybe it will spread?

I am grateful for having a boy/life partner who blasts old school Liz Phair in the morning and sings along.

I am grateful for the $4 necklace I bought recently at the thrifty antique store with Kate, and wear nearly daily for some bling.

I am grateful for an illustration assignment this weekend for an empowering girls magazine about body image!

I am grateful for my family who I miss on the east coast.

I am grateful for my friends who I scarcely have time to see, but still love me.

I am grateful for my coach who reminded me the other week about the "pms perspective".

I am grateful for my new gym membership and the sauna rooms that I haven't tried yet!

I am grateful at the idea of going to an art show tonight.

I am grateful for deciding to spend the rest of my life with someone and the glimmer of wedding plans.

I am grateful for my daily inspiration of blog reading!


Jesse said...

Thank you Mati. I was just feeling so selfishy grumpy and annoyed at things. And I have so much to be grateful for!! This was the perfect reminder...

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful for that lovely painting/illustration that you posted! And for you, even though you so far away.
xo, bf

la vie en rose said...

I read Stef's post too. I think this is a great idea...I'm on post tonight will be about gratitude.

I love this collage/illustration...its just gorgeous, so charming and uplifting...believe...yes!

Swirly said...

I have started making "Gratitude Lists" EVERYDAY. I find it is a wonderful way to make sure I don't lose sight of all the positive moments in each day.

I LOVE the collage.

dani said...

your collage/painting is just beautiful.

kelly said...

i found your site via swirly, who
i lovelovelove! i am so glad
i visited your site! the illo
is beautiful and of course your
grateful list hits home.

thanks for sharing

maria said...

lovely posts as always... just saying hello and i'm so glad for your honesty. i love the work you've been showing!
take care, mav

Cin said...

just simply wonderful painting Mati, there can't be a favorite but this is a favorite.

You sound like you are doing so well, yay!!

Big Sky Dreamer said...

Count me in on this thread with my blog also. I am most grateful for my health and creativity now, at the beginning of my 74th year. Love to all. ~Walk in truth ~ Walk in beauty~

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