Tuesday, October 11, 2005

a lot to see when you walk around the block


self portrait tues--my bike wheels and seat got stolen:( so while i was waiting for them to be fixed by the cute boys at my favorite corner bike shop: i bought a jacket at a yardsale {2 buckaroos! just like one i had been eyeing in the recent budget living!}, a pumpkin from a truck, and chatted up this little boy and his father who were putting on a quinceanera for his cousin's 15th b-day. oh yes, and there's hugh washing off the desert dust his murals for the burning man decompression {they originally hung in the fun house at the event}. he painted 7! i helped with this pink one and did the background drips... the easy stuff:)


margarida said...

Uau, that blue coat with that orange, orange pumpkin ... really, really fantastic!!!

la vie en rose said...

Love getting these little glimpses into your world!

frips said...

great coat!!! and what a lovely pumpkin (i suppose it's for soup?)
photo is fab

laurel said...

i took a picture of the same piano probably within a day of you! my friend's father's memorial reading had a bit about how he wished that there was a grand piano on every corner, so i sent him the picture. my favorite neighborhood spot will always be the "los dragones son verdad" mural, i think

tania said...

what beautiful photos! i love the coat and pumpkin together!
bummer about your bike! mean stealers...

Risa said...

i love the color of the coat. AND i love the blue piano. And the boys with their cute hats.

Toryssa said...

I love the one of the boy in the suit. Fabulous photo! It made me really happy.

And the coat? $2? How can you go wrong?!