Monday, November 28, 2005

lists and bits (30 of 'em for turning 30)

i'm stuck at school due to rain until my night class. checking out blogs and re-grouping. mav posted a great list.
here's mine:
1. look through library mags for inspiration
2. go to the gym
3. finish invite for mine & sab'sjoint 30th party
4. update my etsy shop
5. buy plane tix home for holidays, including time in NYC to celebrate more 30th b-days with BF & sister
6. pay rent
7. pay spring semester of school
8. first draft of promotional booklet
9. finish undocumented immigrant illo
10. return video
11. come up with list of DIY gifts i want and post
12. make invite for parent's x-mas party
13. make/ buy x-mas gifts/ come up with plan
14. dance
15. turn my music up
16. sing along
17. take many a bath
18. breathe deep
19. organize... clear out cobwebs and clutter when unfocused
20. purge or RIT dye boring clothes
21. paint bedroom
22. bring sold painting to work saturday to give to lady
23. finish book group book
24. make reservation for thursday dinner
25. give shirts to megan
26. call back michael lopez
27. give myself and mani/pedi with new red nail polish to sassify my bit nails
28. transcribe church animal lyrics for promo
29. write 30 things about me for turning 30
30. write my goals/dreams for new year


la vie en rose said...

lists make me so happy! not to mention better organized and more likely to get things accomplished. and my, what a fabulous list you have. i think i must list soon.

oh, and by the way, i saw the fabulous painting Kim purchased from you. she posted it on her site. outstanding girlfriend! you are mucho, mucho talented!

gkgirl said...

great list...
very inspiring...
makes me wanna write my own

Stef said...

can't wait to see the invite for the Big B-day...looking forward to SEEING you:)


penelope said...

I love lists...
Happy birthday, miss! xoxo!

anj said...

fun list :) love the turning up the music and singing along, indulging in a mani/pedi with red polish, and RITifying boring clothes! happy day! (oh, and I've never been nova scotia, but can't wait to see it in person. nice to hear you had great memories there. hope to make some of my own)