Tuesday, November 29, 2005

(self-p tues) i wish i...

...looked all fancy, but really i am paint splattered and ratty sweatered.
...was coordinated, but really i spill things all the time.
(including red wine all over heaps of hugh's nice expensive computer paper last night.)
... was 10 lbs thinner, but really my jeans keep getting tighter.
...had nice eyebrows, but they are sparse.
...didn't get bad pms, but really i feel like screaming at the smallest thing.
...was wealthy, but really i'm broke.
...lived closer to my family, but really i am across the country.
...didn't feel affected by the rain, but really it makes me want to curl up.

i wish i was perfect, and i know i am not. i want to accept these imperfections.

i like the idea of wabi-sabi (and it is the theme of my upcoming birthday celebration):

"Wabi-sabi is a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.

It is the beauty of things modest and humble.

It is the beauty of things unconventional".


la vie en rose said...

mati this is just excellent. my heart is running over. yes, yes, yes to wabi-sabi!!!

Stef said...

oh you...i love your list...and i love the im PERFECTIONS:)

missing you dear one...wishing we were both curled up listening to music, drinking wine and enjoying the cloudy rain outside...


risa said...

ah, but it's the imperfections that make us unique and interesting...although i wouldn't mind some waxed eyebrows myself. :) y si, hablo espanol. pero hay mucho mas que necesito aprender. y puedo entender mucho mas que puedo hablar. que hiciste en Bogota?

mati rose said...

i wish i had enough brow to wax!
tenia una pasantia (internship?) en un carcel encenando classes del arte a las mujeres. estoy de acuerdo con tigo sobre mi espanol-- es mas facil para entender que escribir o hablar perfectamente.

a said...

hear, hear to wabi-sabi! (if you ask me, paint splattered and ratty sweatered sounds 10x more charming)

Colin said...

Wabi-sabi is a perfect idea. I love it.

Actually, it's a little too sing-songy... kinda childish for such a complex and important idea. Plus it sounds a little like "sob," which is unfortunate, and if it weren't so foreign-sounding it would be more accessible to more people, and thus more popular.

Yeah. All these flaws make it... perfect.