Friday, December 02, 2005

30 gratefulls for grateful friday

flower drip
1. 30 years on this earth.
2. a cute as pie boyfriend... soon to be husband... who is extremely smart and artistically talented and makes me good food and takes care of me in the ways i need.
3. a loving crafty pants mom who is very strong and beautiful.
4. a wonderful little brother named andrew...almost 16. he's awesome and brave. he's going to spain this year!
5. an exceptionally funny and beautiful sister named jesse who is two weeks younger than me (were steps). so many childhood mems.
6. a smart and funny stepdad named michael who introduced me to literature (he's an english prof) and maybe even taught me to read? i probably wouldn't gone to college, definately not the college i went to, with out him. (i remember he said, he'd be proud if i went to macalester... and so it was).
7. a sadness and acceptance about my biological father who died when i was 1 year 1/2, and was even younger than me. he was an artist and i think i must have inherited it. since i was little his loss has made me appreciate every day more and strive to be present.
8. a gourgeous witty best friend named bekah who makes jewelery, me laugh and is going to be a child welfare lawyer or something kickass like that!
9. i have so many wonderful people... mostly women... in my life who i love and love me so.
10. kate walsh cunnane grounds me and makes tasty pie and gives me sweet hand me downs and models good behavior.... like domestic living.
11. jessie elizabeth rogers has made so many journies in time and space with me and is my sister of transition and growth.
12. kara bunte is a fabulous dancer, storyteller and friend i don't see enough of!
13. sabrina is my birthday sister and artistic role model and inspiration for spilling it all to find truth.
14. donna lee roy is a kindred spirit and a role model for being a young creative soulful mom.
15. donna lee... of maine is like my aunt and beautiful and real.
16. kate randalph is my walking and talking up the hills and figuring it out of life and love.
17. monica is my older un-related sister whose exuberance and songs fill me.
18. kendra is my organic gardener, northern californian native, amazing cook and passionate about what is righteous in the world.
19. grateful for all my exes who opened all those doors of knowledge.
20. grateful for a place to put my gratefuls.
21. grateful for pat murphy my life coach who listens so.
22. grateful for my grammie who passed when i was five, but i remember her love vividly.
23. grateful for all my new san francisco friends... art school and otherwise making our own new paths.
24. grateful for stef and supporting each other building our dreams bit by bit, even if we hardly see each other in person!
25. grateful for hugh's family and what's to come.
26. grateful for people i've met traveling and their kindness and stories.
27. grateful for my co-workers throughout life, even the crazy bosses, who taught me how not to be.
28. grateful for today.
29. grateful for paint.
30. grateful for all the people i forgot to give a shout out to because this was very spontaneous and piece meal and you all have made me who i am. i know i'll be kicking myself for not including you! and at the same time it's a risk because i do want to specifically say i am grateful for certain people today. (like jamie hogan... you are an artist role model and real family, thank you!) also i am grateful for being able to be more of who i am and i'm not going to apologize for my over the top genuineness which probably makes me sound un-cool. the 30's for me are about shedding being "cool" and hiding behind that and being more me.


Stef said...

you are so much my inspiration dear friend...looking forward to seeing you and celebrating YOUr life and genuiness

la vie en rose said...

excellent mati! when i turned 30 i puchased 30 roses and passed them out to 30 people who meant a lot to me. it was so fun traking down old teachers and surprising friends i hadn't seen in years.

Kim Carney said...

Happy 30, and loved the 30 gratefuls! Your life and art is a celebration and we are all grateful for that!

shash said...

happy belated 30th mati! lovely grateful friday post.
i saw the moma show too when my cousin was visiting. both chuck close and kiki smith are so amazing. wow.
i second kim's words!

anj said...

a wonderful, heartfelt list, mati :) It's great to acknowledge everyone (even those nutty bosses) who have helped form the person we are. Thanks for reminding me... It sounds like you have a rich life with so many supportive people in it. That's not surprising, though. You radiate the good stuff, and it's only fitting that so many want to give some back. Thanks for sharing

Swirly said...

This was a beautiful post. Even though I don't know the people you mentioned, it was great to read about how these people have influenced, inspired and supported you as a woman and an artist. May every year bring you new joys, lessons, journeys and gifts to add to your list!!

Johanna said...

What a lovely list. I'm creeping on 30 and this post is very inspiring!

Amanda Woodward said...

thats such a great great list & a beautiful photo as well!! your wonderful!!!

Frankie said...

What a fantastic list!! Happy 30th birthday!! You made me grateful for so many things, most of all, coming across your blog.

risa said...

this is beautiful.
i´m a bit emotional right now, but this pretty much made me cry, and i´ve never even met you!
i think it was relating and thinking of all the people that mean those things to me.
it sounds like all those people are pretty lucky to have you too.

mav said...

your list is so inspring. i'm so glad you had a lovely birthday!!!!! now keep on partying into the new year!
oh and i forgot to ask you if you wanted one of the p2p postcards. i don't think i had your address, did i? email me your address so i can send one:

shash said...

hi there,
just wanted to make sure you got my sewing machine email. i just replied to your comment and not sure if that worked...
hope you had a good wknd!

Alma Stoller said...

Hi Mati,

It all gets better from here. When I turned 30, I felt like life was just starting for me.
Like all of life....enjoy it.....enjoy it all. said...

Wow. That was beautiful. I got a little misty and I've never met you or any of those people. *sniff* Good for you for recognizing what is important in life.. I could stand a little of that myself.

Ben A said...

Aaaah...Mati McDugNut at 30. I remember when you were an endangered dater and now and you're full fledged engager?! I'm out of the loooop.

It was an inspiring list and I enjoyed the read. Hope you're great - seems that you are.