Friday, December 02, 2005

i survived/ play by play of my 1st day being 30~!

i'm 30, and have been for exactly one day!
i love it.
24 hours ago i rang it in with a banana split and dessert wine and an episode of "desperate housewives" with hugh by my side. it was trashy and indulgent and perfect.
all in all i had a crummy and fantastic day all at once. it was raining buckets when i woke up and had to bike to work... no one should have to work on their birthday, much less on their 30th!
the first customer who came in was the owner of the irish pub next door, and i complained to him as i poured him coffee. he came back with flowers and a chocolate mini cake with one candle! and i really don't even think this was a flirtatious gesture, but more like a "i feel for you" generous thing. he's a man who drinks milk with lunch and is very wholesome.
THEN my boyfriend... fiancee... love of my life came in with another little chocolate cake. somebody likes chocolate!
so after eating a greasy perfect lunch of a fried fish sandwhich and french fries and a coca cola, not diet... (the rail thin german cook who i get advice on healthy eating--cider vinegar in the morning people-- scolded me for this meal, but hey, i made it 30 years!!!) my co-worker and his girlfriend and i hummed and i made a wish and ate all the chocolate.
so i realize i'm giving you a play by play of my day, but i'm allowed because it's my birthday still... almost not.
after work i went to an awful matinee by myself: "derailed", don't see it unless you want to go to a dark place with jennifer aniston. and then to the MOMA to see the chuck close and kiki smith exhibit. i love kiki. i bought her book that i cannot wait to read... look her up.
then out to a wonderful dinner with friends kate and sean of red wine and halibut and apple tart and conversation and pure being in love and loved and lucky and grateful. thank you for all the kind blog/email/phone messages xoxoxox
30 rocks my socks! i think i'm on a sugar high. i sound like i'm 8 not 30! good night:)


Jesse said...

YAY!! If you can do it, I can do it. Here to 30!!!!!!!!

penelope said...

Happy birthday, miss! Yay!

(I saw Derailed last weekend and HATED it too.)

hannah said...

i met kiki in my freshman year of college - and let me tell you... holy smokes was that a bizare baptism by fire into the contemporary art world! to begin with i definately did not get the "severed hand in a jar" art work. but after seeing more of her work - she is definately one of the giants of our time!

Im glad to hear your birthday was a success!

Stef said...

happy birthday (Again - a day late now:) so happy that you enjoyed a FULL and ABUNDANT birthday - 30 is going to be wonderful to you sweet friend!

anj said...

good for you that you let yourself indulge in your favorite things! sounds like a perfect, cozy day to me :) y'know, what I'd love to do right now is eat some chocolate (I really like the dark stuff) while looking at some kiki smith work. *sigh* but that ain't gonna happen with my schedule today. I'll just live vicariously for now...

risa said...

happy birthday!
i hope i get two chocolate cakes and an apple tart on my 30th. mmmm....

la vie en rose said...

oh happy belated bday mati! congrats on turning 30. i was so glad to turn release my twenties and move forward.

here's to many, many, many more love filled, chocolate filled birthdays.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday (yesterday). Congratulations.

Cin said...

happy happy birthday Mati!!!

tania said...

oh!!! happy happy 30th!
isn't it great?
i wasnt sure i would like it but i do after all!
sounds like a wonderful day.