Thursday, January 12, 2006

nifty organization

i got to thinking yesterday about how everything needs a backbone or structure in order to keep it going and on track. if you have no focus or plan or support it is very difficult to execute your goals, right? part of my struggle is about organization and as a right-brianer i like things pretty over things neat. here are some ways i'm trying to combine the 2! plastic is not so pretty, but the colors are:)

{funny side note on the topic of storage, H just yelled "this isn't butter, it's beans!", i have a habit of recycling containers like my mom (everything in her fridge is a yogurt container with different names written on it and used to infuriate me, but now i see the value)!}

for my originals:

for my biz cards to keep intact and ready to hand out! never good at that!:

for other's biz cards for easy reference:

for other's postcards and future inspiration:

pretty folders:

i put a few others inventions on flickr of other storage ideas! i used to store all of the above in one giant photo album that i would glue stick into and then remember by date put in... very "high fidelity" with the guy's (jon cusak's) records, but as part of the new year i decided to up the organization!


la vie en rose said...

ohhhh, ahhhhh...i love the ideas and how pretty it all is. pretty is a priority to me too.

Goddess of Leonie said...

i so dig the high fidelity reference... one of my top five all time favourite movies :)

scrummy folders ~ i did when organising gets all colourful!

blessings to you ~