Friday, February 17, 2006

grateful photobooth friday

as promised, here are the photobooth pics from our 4th anniversary, note the helmet. check out hula70's adorable making-out one!
4th anniversary
~waking up early today, before hugh (he's the early bird)
~treating myself to a sesame bagel with lots of cream cheese
~going away this weekend with a group of friends (the hot tub awaits!)
~meeting with my art school friends last night about starting a collective
~lunch and errands yesterday with kerrie and hearing her strong story of healing herself
~supportive professors
~mini-shoulder rubs


la vie en rose said...

i love the last pic the sweet!

blackbird said...

those bottom two pictures?

there are no words...
just lovely.

Jessica said...

I love the bottom one as well,shows how much you adore each other

andrea said...

lovelovelove this...! and you know, I had to link the one you posted for SPT as well... couldn't help myself. too fantastic. (by the way, I just made all kinds of notes on this strip on your flickr)...!

yeah, that last one--gorgeous. so glad you shared this.

Bohemian Girl said...

i just discovered your blog. i'll definitely be back.

it is eye candy and full of soul.

lisa s said...

so good!

Laini Taylor said...

THIS IS CRAZY! First, I love your website, love your art, and was getting ready to bookmark you when I looked a little closer at your photo and thought, "Hm, that looks like Hugh d'Andrade who I used to work with at Lonely Planet!" So I searched a little on your site and saw his name and so, wow. Hugh! I want you to know that Hugh is probably the person who inspired me to go to art school. Please tell him that! I was an editor, not an artist, and now I am making my living as an artist, my life is very different than it was. I just love coincidences and convergences like this. I've JUST started blogging and am in love with it, completely hooked, and I really do love your artwork, even more now that I'm buzzing with weird coincidence and warm feelings! I hope you'll check out my site, too, and tell Hugh hello!

anj said...

such wonderful, heartwarming images!