Thursday, February 16, 2006

interview with artsy mama

Kari from artsy mama bought my blooming print and i just did an interview with her about blogging life. Read it here. I felt instantly connected to Kari because she, not only has a great blog, but lives in Minnesota where my alma matter Macalester is:) Such nice people in that part of the world, truly! It's not just a stereo-type, Minnesotans are insanely nice.


Anonymous said...

okay okay, I should be a better friend and comment, because I totally check daily, such that all of the computers at my school have it in their little scroll down cache thing, and I comment in MY HEAD, things like "oooh! i love that! and "oooh! ms. m.rose mcdonough is growing so as an artist!" and "oooh! how proud i am!"

la vie en rose said...

i read it! how cool!

lisa s said...

can't wait to read it! i'm off