Thursday, February 02, 2006

me, me, me, me four things

OK, i did this before, but how can i resist after being tagged by 2 of my inspirations: penelope & jen gray! i'm sure i'll come up with different answers by adding my own twist:

Four (most recent) jobs I've had:
curator, i like this title!
artist, this one too:)
assistant at uc berkeley graphic design

Four Movies I could (used to watch every day after school with my sister) watch over and over:
my american cousin
ruthless people
the girls of summer with justine bateman singing
saved by the bell special... can hardly call this a movie!
(right, jesse?)

Four Places I've Lived (for 3-6 months):
road tripping from the east to the west coast via the south
block island, rhode island
oaxaca, mexico
bogota, colombia

Four TV Shows I Love (to watch tv at the gym--i actually don't own one):
project runway
tyra banks show
anything fluffy

Four Places I've Vacationed (with my family that start with N):
north dakota
new orleans
nova scotia
new jersey shore

Four of my Favorite Dishes (that i will eat today):
my mom's granola
yam sandwhich at atlas cafe maybe
red wine (at the art openings tonight... food, no?)
lasagna at kaden & monika's house!

Four sites I visit daily:
Wish Jar
Me Cozy
La Vie en Rose
and many more! ps. did you notice i alphabitized and added more of you? and sadly deleted some who hadn't updated in over 6 months, i still love you, it's just... you know... frusturating to keep checking and you are not there!

Four Places I'd rather be right now (by myself):
the yucutan on the beach lying in a hammock
at anthropolgie having a free shopping spree
roaming the streets of paris and stopping in the cafes for an au lait and croissant
big sur at a little b&b with my favorite books and a hot tub with a view

Four Bloggers I'm tagging:
Jenny of True Nature
Amanda of Frenchtoastcake
Meredith of Monstertown
Risa of Muerto de Risa


jenny vorwaller said...

yes...i second that anthropologie one!! :) ahhh! i'm IT!

Jesse said...

YAY to those movies!! I love reading these...but it's sad that the most exotic place I have lived is Syracuse, NY. Other than that, it's Maine and Boston. Yours is much more fun!

la vie en rose said...

i'd love to be in paris right now too...*sigh*...

Server Girl said...

love the list...very fun!