Saturday, March 25, 2006

beehive art show pics

show: lady looking at lara
show: sylvie
show: luna
show: knit

now that i'm on "spring break" and have a minute to breathe... i am getting around to posting a few pics taken bychristy (thank you). btw, who's the lady looking at my artwork? ;)
here's a few more.

i'd love to hear your thoughts. of course, please let me know if you have any interest in buying any (ha ha) or getting a print? i am exploring fashion, pattern, portraiture and narrative in these paintings. here is my most recent artist statement. i despise writing these and think they are generally a bit ovah the top and BS and trying to confuse you so you don't understand the art, so sorry if i do that! my fave artist statement i ever saw was by someone who took on a big foot persona.

"Mati McDonough paints improbable narratives teetering between beauty and awkwardness. Her vocabulary of symbols, influenced by textile design and fables, depict escapism and nostalgia. Her paintings are built up through rich layers of tertiary color and unexpected moments of improvised pattern and detail. McDonough tells unrestricted stories that are simultaneously intimate and universal."


lisa s said...

mati.... excellent job on the hair... i love that it's got that curl to it [more than the ironed out version]

your statement is clear, consise and to the point. i always find it so hard to make a statement... and it always feels like i'm forgetting something. i'm curious if there's more of a narrative structure in your work - are you referring [sometimes] to more specific stories??


Annika Sandin said...

Love your paintings!

laurel said...

i like the waves, too - i don't know why they'd iron those out. and you already know i'd be interested in prints of some of those paintings since i can't currently afford the real thing.

Shell said...

What a wonderful review! And well deserved I say. Those paintings are just beautiful, I love the rich colours, just luscious.

gracia said...

Artist statements are so tricky to write, aren't they... it's probably why I love working collaboratively with Louise. That way I can pretend I'm writing about LJ rather than me. Love your paintings... plus ya blog. Cheers, gracia

jerusha said...

heloo molly ringwald hair! i like it!

i like your statement too. it sounds thoughtful but still grounded (and i love 'teetering between beauty and awkwardness'!).

maybe a print of the beehive ladies?

la vie en rose said...


risa said...

looooooooooove your art. and your statement. doesn't sound over (or even ovah) the top to me. it is easy to understand but still very personal. que chevere!
i dig the beehive ladies, but not full size (running out of room here)...maybe a smaller print?

Cin said...

the colors in your paintings! they all look great, but oh, love the owl!