Saturday, March 25, 2006

feeling molly ringwold flapper-esque

because you were curious of what happened to the wings on the side of my head... i lopped them off! here is the back of my DIY hair cut in it's unflat-ironed for an hour meticulously by vidal sassoon state. the back (this is exactly what i look like when i blog, as if this is a live conference call from the back):
and another classy shot by hugh with the blue glow of the computer diffused on my face (note the necklace bek!):


Jessica said...

I love! your new hair without the wings.I love that necklace too.who made it?

Anonymous said...

i love the curly little bob sans tendrils. flat irons are for chumps! actually, i like them, but that was fun to say! and love the necklace.

Server Girl said...

your hair is super cute!! love it....:)

shash said...

hair look keee-uuute. necklace is really pretty too.

shash said...

that should say looks not look.