Thursday, March 09, 2006



see them here

i'm burning the midnight oil. that's what happens when i drink a mocha at 7pm and paint into the wee hours:)


kelly said...

i am with you girlie! i was up until 2:30am. i am a big blob today! thanks for the constant inspiration. i have had a few design jobs pop up in the last month so i haven't been able to paint....sniff.

i am lovin' your wares


penelope said...

I love different images in a big grid like this. I think it's all the colors... they get my goat every time. :)

la vie en rose said...

yummy images!

lisa s said...

i love how favorites look together... when ever people do this you see such a bridge between the images!!

Swirly said...

What a beautiful collage of images. Wonderful.