Wednesday, March 08, 2006

it's all about the dress

my friend christina, co-artist for tomorrow night's show, and i went show-shopping today.

anthropologie and H&M make this girl's &hearts flutter (isn't this universal?)

i am one to wear hand-me down's, thrift and the same brown dress (albeit adorable) to 9 weddings in a row, so it was a real splurge for me to buy a dress from anthro. if not now, then when does a girl dress up? i'm not going to spoil the fun and post a pic of the dress i bought, but it is subdued charcoal & simple.

here was one i almost got, very miami seeming:
i almost bought
and another whose pattern combos i pined for:
i love the mish mash of pattern

i also scored a few baubles from H&M- beautiful enamel teal earrings that i'll probably wear tomorrow night.

i also met my class at the cartoon art museum and picked up this great yeti journal with cd inside. i'm gonna go listen & finish up my paintings!


Jesse said...

You have to post a pic soon, for those who can't see the dress in person! The ones you posted are lovely...

lisa s said...

mati! you are going to look smashing... i wish i could have come shopping w/ you!

sorry i won't be there in person tonight, but know that i'll be thinking of you... maybe we can check out your show together in the next few??

jerusha said...

mmm, subdued charcoal sounds yummy. good luck tonight!!

fin said...

I truly love that dress

christine said...

i'm sending you good vibes! i know you'll be a smashing hit. (both your work and your dress!) xxC

laurel said...

you looked beautiful and so did the show - i covet several of your paintings but am feeling the starving artist pinch. sad. i hope you make prints. want to publish a book of fables together?

ArtsyMama said...

I LOVE Anthropologie! A girl has got to splurge every once and awhile and what better time than for a SHOW. Woohoo!!

andrea said...

ah, yes-- anthropologie and h&m. lovelovelove. good for you, splurging on a dress too! so good to do that every once in a while, I think. they have such gorgeous dresses and wow-- I'm so loving that second coral patterned one. yummy.