Wednesday, March 08, 2006


CCA show
the frenzy leading up to a show has taken over. last night i just could not paint. i made a delicious dinner of polenta, asparagus and salad. had some white wine and watched a bad movie: "domino", about the model, bounty hunter domino harvey and very violent. i think somebody has a crush on keira knightley (hugh) and she is 20? admittedly beautiful.

after this thursday, i am excited to:

update my website (for real!)
eat balanced- cook!
decrease caffiene
do our taxes (not really excited, but necessary evil!)
update shoppe
work on promotional booklet
silk-screen shirts
start a website design for best friend's jewlery biz
make a wedding invite for same
plan a vacation... i'm dreaming italy
plan a revamped wedding for selves
be on top of homework!
clean my studio:)
get a good, creative, fun part-time job


la vie en rose said...

when you talked about your show i get butterflies in my tummy. i'm so excited for you!

kate said...

darlin girl,
i'm so sorry you had to lose a tooth. i had no idea. can't wait for the show on thursday...we'll be there!
much love, kate wc

Laini Taylor said...

Ooh, yes, go to Italy! And I feel your pain with the taxes. One step at a time. I forced myself to make the appointment with the accountant; now I won't think about it again until the day before. Ick.

Good luck with all your stuff!

jenny vorwaller said...

im needing to clean my studio major too...mati, we're on the same page, visiting anthro on the same day, paining, same do list :)))

and! dreams of italy!

risa said...

i wish i could go see your show! and i wanna see that grey dress. you'll have to post a photo eventaully. and i've been meaning to ask you if you've seen just like heaven with mark ruffalo. i have to say, and i wonder why i was surprised, it was horrible! not even some m.r. could redeem it.

Swirly said...

I love seeing your list...I have quite a post-show list myself so I can relate!