Wednesday, April 26, 2006

indulge me

fresh lemonade
thank you for sharing your indulgences with me in your comments! i want to compile a grand list to refer to when i'm in a slump and post on my new website i dream of creating (sketches are in the works and a summertime plan!).

today these are mine:

1. fresh lemonade
2. lunch outside
3. miles davis and john coltrane while painting
4. just putting my hair up with a scarf/ doo rag/ t-shirt sleeve and throwing on painting clothes 3 days in a row
5. snuggling with my on the couch boyfriend who feels under the weather
6. walking to school
7. bloggitty blog

please, if you haven't already take a second and let me know how you treat yourself... (or maybe it's a delicious routine)


Shari said...

Ah, indulgences. Definitely carving chunks of studio time. This is "work" time, but it feels like an indulgence. Flowers from the grocery store. Garage sale mornings. Book store browsing. Hammocking under a canopy of trees. Of course, the good old, dark, cakey brownies! Oh, also seashells and beads. I think I'm realizing I'm a very indulgent girl!

amy said...

hoorah for indulgences. I had a good one yesterday-
lying in bed eating a homemade vegan cookie while finishing my book (instead of working on my thesis)
a few others-
ripe, dripping mangoes, locally made ice cream in a warm waffle cone, loud music while I am creating, sunshine baths, fresh sketchbooks/journals, iced green tea. Oh my goodness i could keep going and going!

kelly said...

i love laying on the couch and slowly allowing myself to fall asleep. just for a bit.

la vie en rose said...

these are good ones too!

jerusha said...

these days sleep feels like a luxurious indulgence... also taking my time to do things. :)

Christabel said...

This morning I took a cup of tea with me on the bus, & to get to finish more than my usual two sips in the morning was a superb indulgence.
I'm a sucker for a cup of tea.

risa said...

i´m going to share again. today my induglences are two full hours on the computer, a pecan tart from my favorite bakery here, and an afternoon for crafting.

Monica said...

Sleeping an extra half an hour or an hour in the mornings (weekends) while husband watch the kids. I didn't realize that is an indulgence until I read your post! :)