Wednesday, May 10, 2006


let's go
both doors are open in my house and there is the perfect cross breeze and smell of lily's left by a house guest. we shifted our furniture a little the other night and it makes us both so happy. hugh exclaimed... "IS it possible i'm in love with our house"? just a scooting of one love seat to another room and waa-la, it snapped into place.

i feel content these last few days. coming off a trip up north into the giant red woods with old friends. running and feeling proud of mis amigas. breathing forest air. feeling grounded.

now i'm back into the swing of life and getting caught up with all those nagging self-induced to-do's over the semester that i ignored. i met with my community garden coordinator about a plan to replant my overweeded shrubby plot {it has some gems in it too, like fuschia}. i hung another show i curated by a cute girl named joom with equally cute art & gourgeous silk bird pillows {i am thrilled to own the pink humming bird one!}, opening this thursday. am writing long wanted to cards on paper, and meeting up with friends in person after my long hibernation of school.

i'm waiting for my walking partner as i write this and look forward to talking up the hills, in the glorious sun that i find so energizing and welcome and necessary to my happy disposition.

above is a posting of a painting a day in may, and i'm not gonna apologize for skipping a few b/c i needed a break!


jenny vorwaller said...

lovely! trees and hummingbird pillows, so nice/ :) and skipping a few days is allowed, oh good!

Jesse said...

More about the run! How was it? You sound so happy in this it! It's gloomy and dark and rainy here in Boston. ALL WEEK! Enjoy your sun!

risa said...

i love the unicorn in this one!

Shari said...

love your painting. it makes me smile.

glad you're feeling happy and grounded mati. have fun on your walk. i used to have a favorite place to walk when i lived in boulder that was so peaceful. i still walk here in durham but it's just not the same.

wishing you a nice afternoon!

shash said...

i like the unicornish creature lover boy. ;-) trees and old friends sounds nice.

Swirly said...

I love reading about all of these little tidbits - your garden, your show, pillows, the is always those little things that mean the most.