Wednesday, June 14, 2006

brown & white/ yesterday & today

brown & white coffee
philz coffee~ one cup at a time. turkish coffee made individually with cream & sugar and mint. oh my.

what i love about phil's is that i remember when the place didn't serve coffee, but soggy tomato and hummus sandwiches. which for some reason i bought. everytime i went to his shop he was trying different tatics and changing the shop around. he must have tried this one cup at a time gimmik and it stuck. now it is a booming coffee shop with a line out the door for this brew. and another shop opening i believe. it deserves it, it is so good.

i ran into my co-worker there and she was locked out of her home and crying a bit and phil said... "just take a sip of the coffee and everything will be OK". and it was.


Shari said...

coffee often makes problems least for me. :) sounds yummy. xo, s

risa said...

hi artist, you are pretty! i love this. too cute. and yes, a good cup of coffee or tea is a wonderful way to escape the stresses of life. jordan once gave me a book about appreciating the small things and truly experiencing your days activities and ever since then i make sure to really smell my coffee or tea and dwell for at least a few minutes on its simple deliciousness.

Angelique said...

Mint in coffee, sounds intriguing. I've got to look up a recipe for Turkish coffee to try it sometime. It's wonderful when people support the efforts of the independent, small business owner. Speaking as an owner of one, it means a lot when you find something that works, and people appreciate it.

amystery said...

Wow, I bet that coffee packs a punch, but the mint in it sounds like such a treat. His advice I should take to heart.

Cristina said...

aaahhh philz....i love me some philz coffee!