Tuesday, June 13, 2006

first graders rule.

i just returned from being the guest "artist" in my friend megan's classroom.

quotes that made feel so good:
"hello artist, you're pretty"
"what's your favorite color? i like ALL the colors"
"i want to be an artist" (sadly they don't have art classes in public school here)
"i cry a lot at home and only sometimes at school" (we agreed that it feels good to cry)
"how do you draw so good?"
"i like butterflies" (this was a theme among the girls)
"i draw good snails"

we bound their books and they are so imaginative and talented. wow, to be 7 again!


Goddess of Leonie said...

oh my gosh,
that is hyper imaginery
and lucidly beautiful!

yay for them for reminding us :)

Stef said...

sounds like an awesome time - isn't it good to be around children? you get such perspective!

lisa said...

i used to teach 1st grade and they do say the most precious things...i hope you had fun!!

The Whole Self said...

i love the "i draw good snails". that's the freakin' best.

Anonymous said...

a child's perspective always brings you back the base level of everything...the feelings, the ideas, the hope...without all that grown-up baggage. what a great experience!

Jesse said...

"hello artist, you're pretty." THAT is the best thing, ever!! and the reason i have continued to work part time at the museum of science...kids have the most fun things to say!!

Ani said...

it's always been a dream of mine to teach art in elementary school, even when i was a kid in elementary school. love their comments!

i like all the colors too.

shash said...

C U T E !

katskatryn said...

That is so sweet!

jerusha said...

hee, so sweet. i often pick up my best friend after school, she teaches first grade and they do say such awesome things.