Tuesday, February 27, 2007

fruit & flowers are getting me through...

blue & oranges
i know i have little to complain about here in california in terms of winter, but it has been raining, even hailing lately!
fortunately, inexpensive and semi-local produce is available to brighten our days. oranges & blues make me swoon.

i'm feeling a little quiet these days, but excited for what's on the horizon!



Frida World said...

Oh boy. Just when I think I have settled on a wonderfully rich and diverse group of blogs by inspiring women to visit regularly, this happens. I click on one link (in this case Boho's link to the Girly Show contributors) and I'm off on a whole new expidition of discovery.

Wow, wow and wow. How can the internet, made up as it is of little 1s and 0s (is that what it is made up of? I'm not so hot on science) bring so much life, colour, soul and wisdom into my life?

Hmmm - if this continues I'll have to give up my day job and find a way to make a living rtawling this wonderful ocean of treasures.

You are a joy to discover!

FlipFlop said...

I adore your new banner!