Wednesday, February 28, 2007

good together

my favorites
more of my favorites (from so many of you whom inspire me daily).

thank you.



risa said...

oh gosh, i just adore your pink elephant. i am sending him some peanuts through the internet. and who is the drawing on the bottom right by? it's precious.

hannah said...

i love making those little mosaics and finding the similarity between all of my favorites. lately ive been choosing lots of things with yellow in them. im not a huge fan of yellow. hmmmm.


kelly said...

oh...thanks mati! i got tingles when i saw [she blooms]. i wasn't sure with this one...more so how other would receive it [ ihave got to stop doing that!] i just hung her on my wall....[green wall!] and it is so cool on the wall.

so thanks! are you going to put any of your new pieces on etsy? i keep looking!

jenny said...

such pretty things to see!
ps, i love your elephant mati! :)

Frida World said...

what a delicious mosaic of images. i struggle with the slow cnnection here so i don't explore all the wonderful treats on flickr as much as i would like. thanks for binging me a lovely selection of your favorites.

Swirly said...

I love this!