Monday, February 12, 2007

whirling little girl

my girls

i loved looking through the group shots of our super successful girly show and seeing us all staring at this little girl spinning till she was dizzy, and falling on the ground, and getting back up again with a silly smile and no problem. i guess that's easier when you're 3.

looking at her it dawned on me that we were the big girls; the women. those tall(er) folks that i used to look up to when i was wee at parties, art openings or weddings. how glamorous, i would think. and we were. basking in the limelight that is special to the feeling of glory that comes only after you have put many long months preparing a body of art for a show, planning logistics, a long day traveling, hanging the work, meeting new amazing women... loving these encounters and how it all works out just so.

i will be mentioning more of our show, but for today, i am looking up at us from this perspective. here are more photos from the girly show.



Boho Girl said...

i love how you embraced her whirling and that it brought you back to how you felt when you were that age at a cool gallery showing!

as the photographer, i was worried she was distracting you all from the photo but i wish i would have seen what you saw and allowed her cool energy to be in the picture i took.

thank you for opening my eyes. was wonderful meeting you and Hugh. i so enjoyed our laughter and conversation. i could have hung with you guys for hours. i am so happy for you both and am so stoked that the show was so fabulous for you all.

love to you...and Hugh.


Meredith said...

Congratulations Mati, I wish that I could have been there to see the show!

laurel said...

perfect shot for a girly show - and you look so beautiful! i'll bet that the little girl soaked up the creative femininity of the room to power her along.

kelly said...

thanks for posting the evening!
it was just as if i were there!
did you sell all of your pieces
and if not, will you put them on
your etsy site? just curious.
i showed them to bryce we each
have a favorite

lisa s said...


can't wait to hear more... love the whirling girl... xo

kelly rae said...

i am loving this perspective. and i am loving that i made a new friend in you!

Swirly said...

This is great...I can remember very clearly the women I looked up to as a little girl, who I thought were so pretty, glamorous, powerful. I wanted to be like them. Will this little girl remember us?

la vie en rose said...

i knew it would be fABuLoUs!