Monday, April 30, 2007

for the kid at heart

shop update
several of you have asked me for prints of a few of my "at the zoo" paintings inspired by simon & garfunkel's song.
here you are for a limited time!
i'm going on an overnight art education focused retreat... see you on the flip side.


katherine said...

thanks for the comment. the show was fabuloso, with sushi to boot! here is all the things i want to say in list form.
1. i love your zoo animals.
2. my favorite part of my birthday party was writing wine descriptions with you.
3. i'm secretly glad that you cancelled the blog party so that i can attend next time.
4. i'm hosting a clothing swap at my house soon- so start saving your clothes.
5. who's running the art education retreat? your new job??

risa said...

these are fab!!!!!!!

tashina said...

love the alligator! Wonder who was brave enough to tie on the party hat? :)

lisa s said...

mati these make me smile so much!!

Amanda said...

i love them!
the giraffe is so adorable.

jenifer74 said...

these are just grand! also, i've been away from your blog for a bit so need to play catch up, but i'm super intrigued about your art education retreat - let's chat!!

kelly rae said...

adorableness over here. loving the elephants, still. a favorite.

kelly rae said...

hello cuteness.
see my blog.
you've been tagged.


stef said...

hey you!!! look on my flickr account and you can see these on Kadison's wall :)!!

if you ever get onto cafe press and make these into kid's t-shirts i want to be the first to know! i love these and they would be great gifts :)


Anonymous said...

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