Wednesday, October 24, 2007

congratulations & good luck!

my friends in blame sally just got 3 nominations for a grammy! wow.
best contemporary folk category
best new artist category
song of the year- severland
i'm so proud of them. they deserve it! they are uber-talented. one of the cool things about blame sally is that they are all women, all over 40 and all of them write the music and sing i.e. they each have solos. and they keep getting better and better! every time i hear them play i am blown away and i feel uplifted. monica, the accordionist, vocalist and pianist played at our wedding and it set the tone beautifully. i'm so glad they're getting their due recognition.
ps- beautiful cd illustration done by gina & matt. available here!


Stacy said...

oh, wow. I've been a Blame Sally fan since seeing them at the High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy, CA years ago. They were my favorite show that year!!

I wasn't aware, however of the new album. Can't wait to check it out...& I agree, they are great!

Robin said...

I've listened to some of their songs on their web site - awesome! Thanks for the link. I hope they do well at the awards.