Monday, October 22, 2007

open studios... phew!

h luv creations

what an exhausting time it was. even/especially when it's mellow. beautiful work & good company. here's a mini tour. featured are heidi's luv creatures! we traded:)

tonight i'm going to the biz ladies meet up and then thursday is rare device's opening!

good times to be had! i hope i get to meet/see some of you there.



gigegy said...

ah crap! i missed the meet up and it's right by my work too! i've been so gosh darn busy lately i haven't had time to read blogs. ugh. i hate it when work takes over life.

gigegy said...

oh and sorry to miss your open studio :( was planning on going but never made it.

Meredith said...

sorry i missed the meetup, but i am so glad that you went! tell me all about it!

mati rose said...

i'm sorry you didn't come either! are ya feeling better? i'll tell you all about it-- i took notes:) really inspiring.

jenifer74 said...

thanks for going with me mati - i had fun!