Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i will put you back...

together again.
i will put you back together again.
new painting available here as a print!
original en route here. both the print and original are a teensy bit more subdued in person fyi. speaking of teensy, my next 3 paintings are. i'll show you soon.
ps- finally had good sleep last night and full day of painting galore to cat power, sufjan & the weepies... all the mellow ones. off to eat with this lovely & talented woman.
pps- if you want to be political against a potential 1984... help out like so.


kelly said...

oh....i can't wait to see your paintings. did you send 6, or more! i can't wait for them to all be on display. peace!

Saints and Sinners said...

HI Mati!!

just poppin in to say hello, and glad to see your lovely artwork. Congrats on the show, I know you'll do well.

Hopefully I'll see you sometime soon,

h. luv said...

oh it is so delicious. you are and always will be a super colour genius. i heart the new painting and can't wait to see the others. i want i want i want i want. love love

juicebox said...

hi i just wanted to comment that i am really in love with all the colors you use! your blog is such a delight to read as well-i am new to the blog world and im sure to add you to one of my favorite reads;)

Anonymous said...

I'm smitten.
Is it possible for me to buy this painting?
I don't live in San Francisco.
I love this one and the one with lions and mustaches and sport knee highs.
your brilliant!
I'm gonna blog about you.

Tiffany said...

Oh so lovely, Mati - your work is always tantalizing!