Monday, January 28, 2008

inspiration straight up

flickr faves part one
flickr faves part 2
i need this double dosage of my flickr faves today. i am cranky and lacking sleep and probably pmsing. i was on the BART earlier and felt like screaming at the person snipping their nails alongside the other person snapping their gum in a perfect ballet of snips and snaps. something i normally wouldn't even notice. well, the nails part is kind of icky, but that's just me. it's like flossing your teeth in public, no?
anyway,judgments aside, i'm giving myself a pat on the back and drinking an odwalla to celebrate.... fancy, right? we--collaboratively with my husband hugh--finished a comprehensive illustration project and am quite pleased and the clients are happy. now i'm finishing up the pieces for the upcoming ETA iii show.
later gators,


shari said...

flickr soothes the soul. ;) can't wait to see your newest work. xox

dandelion said...

congrats! you definately deserve the pat on your back...x

shash said...

nail clipping in public is one of my pet peeves. it drives me insane.
or people who clean under their nails and drop it on the floor inside. gross.
i'm super excited to see and play your game!!!!

comfies said...

i'm hiding in there! what a lovely thing it is to see a picture of mine hiding in one of my favorite artists blogs! (p.s. nail clipping in public is disgusting).