Sunday, January 20, 2008

a tally of good things

thai winter squash & tofu stew
-thai winter squash & tofu stew. just like the kind i made when i cooked at the yoga institute (have i talked about that time in my life here?)

-mochi (mochee)

-aromatherapy candle in citrus

-city car share really is a life saver

-a silver swank composter so we can compost in style

-dinner with glowing pregnant stef and beautiful wedding gifts made from this gorgeous artist-- thanks sweets!

-the awesome lady lisa's 40th birthday soiree!

-kicking into gear a m-w-f workout schedule with this lovely girl kelly

-restorative yoga with my friend brett & hugh-- with hot rocks & lavendar oil, oh my!

-babysitting some cute red headed kids and plans of art lessons ahead

-andrew schoultz's incredible artist's talk-- he inspires me so much to have a strong work ethic.

-the much anticipated "persepolis" the movie: so beautifully drawn, poignant and intelligent

was your week full of good things (as well as the lackluster)? i just got back from a draining trip to ikea and am trying to appreciate all that has passed.

be well,


jenifer74 said...

we did draining ikea yesterday. sigh. but i did find that secret button store (it closed like 2 minutes after i got there) but i'll share the info!

kelly said...

oh ikea sounds so great! i guess since it is so far away, my trips there are always so happy!

can 't wait to see all of your eta iii pieces!

dandelion said...

hmmm what an inspiring list!...x

selftaughtgirl said...

Just read your interview over at sparkletopia. Yay, Mati! ;o)

Anonymous said...

so nice to of seen you and to have such a great conversation and yummy food. thank YOU for my "calming"'s been getting me through my days of waiting :)