Tuesday, February 26, 2008

cloth, paper, scissors profile

cloth, paper, scissors article

i'm honored to be featured in March/April's "cloth, paper, scissors" magazine. it hits news stands (well, barnes & noble, borders and major fabric stores to be sure) March 3rd ~ Monday already!

i got a sneak peek because my dear friend and fellow art dreamer & schemer kelly who is a regular contributor & has a subscription. thank you cate for interviewing me here! that was a fun conversation we had!

for a limited time i'm going to make this print that was featured available in my shoppe. I painted this almost 5 years ago and I still like it! It was painted when I was in Mexico and just starting my art journey in full, so it was a perfect piece to highlight. Even before birds were all the rage in design, I do believe;)

open studios 4 years ago

i came across this picture from about 4 years back and noticed the same bird painting in the background. i feel so much older now! this was my first open studios at my new studio and i was so nervous. notice my superhero necklace! this was from right around the time i started this blog too.

The article covers much of my path as an artist, which clearly continues to evolve, as it should. I like how I say "You can have a patchwork life" in the article. I feel that is what my life looks like today.

I currently work part-time helping to design textiles for bedding, some of which are truly patchwork, teach an art class a week, paint & illustrate and try to balance it all. I am so much happier than when I was working 9-5 every day. Or working nights at a restaurant while trying to make school happen. Every day is different and there isn't a day I dread! Wow. This is new. Now I just need to make sure I schedule more long stretches of time for painting.



kelly rae said...

loving that photo of you two. and the article is wonderful! it was a thrill to see so much of your work on several glossy magazine pages. woohoo!

here's to your first major feature in a national magazine (there will be more to come, i'm sure) and to a lovely patchwork life!


design for mankind. said...

SHUT UP-- YOU ARE SO CUTE! And holy crap; am in LOVE with your work! :)

Send me your email addy so I can give you the deets of the third ezine!

Love to you, Mati!

Susannah said...

it's a fantastic article, Mati - congratulations!! I was thrilled for you when my copy came through my door :-) x

OldRound said...

Glad you've exited the server life. I stayed in it way too long. It's a deadend if it isn't your goal in life.

Linda said...

Hey, that bird painting is hanging on my wall now! I love it.

Tiffany said...

Congrats congrats! How fantastic for you! You are so deserving of the spotlight, my dear, because you are a fab artist.

♥ Tiff*

posy press said...

this is amazing...and i do love that line about patchwork...so true! cheers to you on your continued journey and success {and supercute photo of you + hugh}

stacy kathryn said...

That is so awesome and exciting, got to go pick up my issue next week. Love seeing artists i've followed for awhile get published! :) grats!

ArtsyMama said...

Big congrats on the article, Mati. Can't wait to read it!!!

Elin said...

tres cool my friend

violette said...

What a wonderful article in Cloth Paper Scissors! Congrats.....i love your wonderful and life affirming art too!

Love, Violette

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