Saturday, February 16, 2008

my husband xoxo

nothing makes me prouder than to brag about hugh! he has been working crazy hard lately on some amazing illustrations that will soon be plastered about town. actually, one is on the cover and middle of the guardian's valentine issue out now:)

he just joined the posse and opened up an etsy shop! horray! here are a few of my faves of his silhouette style available for you:

the ferry building for valentine's day~
ferry building

the sf bike coalition's winterfest~

lucinda williams... at the fillmore~

i love this poster and this singer so (and of course the artist of the poster!). this was the first illustration done in his silhouette style inspired by when we lived in oaxaca, mexico and inspired by the papel picado/cut paper there. i have a long love affair with lucinda. she played loudly on our car stereo as my friend jessie and i drove cross-country out to SF from Boston (7 years ago!) and we even named our car in tribute to one of her songs..."drunken angel" (the actual car's name was "Bobby Cee" who was a gay texan two-stepping friend we made and he was a sweet drunken angel). So then when i met hugh we traded lucinda bootleg cds... and THEN hugh did this for the fillmore and we got to see her together at the show (a definate perk of doing these posters), then she wanted to use it on her cd! later hugh got to hang out backstage with her when she came through town again. anyway, i'm a die hard fan of her achy voice and poetic lyrics and admire her strength as an artist, plus how her music has been intertwined in my life!

i feel really grateful that hugh has done rock posters for other musicians i admire and i got to tag along at the shows including Ryan Adams, Calexico, Jonathan Richman and especially the Pixie's reunion show a couple years back.

can i tell you... i am loving life lately! i have been super busy with creative projects and upcoming excitement! which i'll of course share with you when i can:)



Gillian said...

Oh these are incredible - I had to immediately add the shop to my favourites.

I just recently discovered your blog and love your work. Thank you so much for sharing.

mimulus said...

WOW! I'll say, these are brilliant, especially lucindas poster. (Car wheels on a gravel road is sorta an anthem around our house) But i think the curvey legged woman on the ferry bldg poster it the absolute best. Pass on my compliments to hugh.

shash said...

i love these three. congrats to both of you!
(i'm so glad i snagged a lucinda poster at that show. wonder if we were there the same night. i've seen her a few times and that was definitely the best. can't believe h. hung out with her! :-)

kelly said...

i am such a huge fan of hughs!
i have been drooling over the etsy site.

Jesse said...

This is a great post! Such wonderful love...Tom and I think the Ryan Adams print might need to live in our future home, we have big plans for it!

gigegy said...

hey mati,

long time no talk, looks like you are doing great! congrats to hugh, i love his work!

jenifer74 said...

those are super awesome. you guys are so great!! i heart lucinda too - a lot. and i too have a cross country drive + lucinda singing with my best girlfriend story too :)

let's catch up soon!! xxx.

Tiffany said...

Hugh is so talented - I love the winterfest one!

And Lucinda...words cannot describe that woman...♥



shari said...

so happy to hear you've been loving life! yay! hugh's style is fabulous.

Swirly said...

...then this makes you an official rock star couple, because you are quite the extraordinarily creative soul yourself girlie girl!! xoxo

design for mankind. said...

You have such a LOVELY blog!!! :)

Anna Lloyd said...

Wow he is also super talented!

My childhood piano teacher was named Lucinda Williams. She had beautiful long red hair.

poppy said...