Thursday, February 07, 2008

ETA iii


to all you seacoast New Englanders (my homies)~
tomorrow night head on over to Nahcotta for the Enormous Tiny iii show!

110 Congress Street
Portsmouth, NH
Feb 8- March 9
Opening Feb 8: 5-8pm

ETA III postcard

here are the tiniest last 3 pieces i submitted (5x5) to join the set
the tiny brigade

i'm thinking of making a tiny print for the tube sock little moustached guy because he's a love. ya think? i also bought over 20 canvases the other day to paint more tiny ones:) cannot wait to have a stretch of time to paint...

*edit: the tiny brigade is now available in the shoppe:) plus, i heard there was an awesome turn out for the show and request for more tube socked lions from nahcotta! i'll be making a bunch more this week it looks like. fun!



meg said...

i'll be there! so excited to see your work up close!

mimulus said...

have a great show!

shash said...

do it—he is a love (they all are)!

kelly said...

i vote yes!

shari said...

yes. he is a love. wish i could go to the show. have a great weekend. xo

maryoplinger said...

hi Mati! we attended and you sold the socked kitty along with others. it was a lot of fun. packed!

Geek+Nerd said...

I was there - your work looked beautiful!

lauracrow said...

i wish i was there so i could go to the show!! (but i can still be one of your homies, right??) :)

Kelly C. said...

yay! these are beyond wonderful. more tube socks will make the world a grander place, indeed!

Katrina said...

wonderful. this show looks amazing (from oakland, sadly not in person) and i definitely agree with the "yes" votes.

jenny vorwaller said...

i wish i could go! :)