Friday, March 07, 2008

childhood inspiration

i'm feeling sick today, so i'm grasping onto happy images. it helps.

i'm always always always inspired by what children create. i feel so lucky to be teaching two adorable kids ages 6 & 8 who are adding their energy, pipe cleaner creations, gocco valentine's and exquisite corpse drawings on my wall. i set up pillows and a small table so we can all create and it makes me happier to be in my studio when i'm by myself as well. a place to sit on the ground and get down to business with no "pressure", only play. where will my imagination go today? and letting it. so easy to glean this lesson from the kiddos.

i teach art once a week.

so of course when monika elena bought my elephant print and told me she was a photog i checked out her site and LOVE her joy filled work. especially these diptychs which show these little ones exploring through paint, strawberries and the natural world. i love how in the moment they look. completely uninhibited. a true gift of a photographer to be able to capture that! monika travels between SF and DC so look her up if you want a photo shoot for your family.

monika elena

i also am swooning over small magazine. it's perfect.

and i really want to see the movie "my kid could paint that".

hope you delight in these images as much as me. thank you for your kind emails about my article in "cloth, paper, scissors" available here and on news stands now. i am working on responding to everyone. know that your words are uplifting & mean a lot to me.

mati rose


jenifer74 said...

hope you feel better soon. oh yes, the joys of working with kiddos - always wonderful ideas spring outta them :)

let's do dinner soon together? (or look at some art, or take a walk and have some tea?)


penelope said...

hey mati!
Thanks for the movie recommendation. I put it on my netflix. Funny coincidence: i just got a book from the library called "The Innocent Eye. Children's Art and the Modern Artist".

I hope you feel better soon, miss.


The Whole Self said...

hey! i just had a chance to check out your paintings at the "tiny" show in portsmouth NH today (the day before it closes! lucky me!)...and i loved all of them. my son was diggin' the little tube socks on the lions, and so was i!

risa said...

we stumbled upon a kid's art class today while checking out a local art collective. they were working on moster masks. amazing scary cute silly monster masks.
i look forward to hearing what you think of "my kid could paint that." it provoked lots of conversation/debate in our home.

mimulus said...

i've had that movei on my netflix queue forever, it never seems ot move up since we are bumping the office to the head of the line. Steve carrell really grows on a person.

hope you feel better!

DesigningFairy said...

Mati, read about your work in Cloth Paper Scissors. Love it. Love the fellow whimsy-maker designs. :)

maryoplinger said...

Hi Mati-
I loved the article (your Mom lent me a copy). It was a nice visit with you. Hi Hugh!

Swirly said...

I hope you feel better soon my dear!!

stacy said...

Hope your feeling better! Kids can be so inspiring. I always find so much energy when working on art projects with them!

jenny vorwaller said...

aw, i hear ya! i was sick (realllly sick) and last week didn'tleave my apartment for 6.5 days - horrible! i hope you feel better soon my dear...

ps whoa, these photographs are gorg!!

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