Thursday, April 10, 2008

almost at the 1/2 way point.

i'm about 5 months into my 32nd year and i thought i'd reflect on some hopes today that i put fourth on my turning 32:

1. i got a sewing machine, but haven't quite mastered this skill, at all. giselle gave me an awesome lesson once, bless her.
3. started going to the farmers market with a friend, but want to be more regular.
6. i have launched my website!
9. i learned about my credit, but need to tackle building better.
12. am going to ITALY! for our be-lated honeymoon afterwards too:)
24. and will teach a class there! & have been teaching a class to kids routinely.
25. i have researched home buying & attended an all day workshop through a great program called MEDA for first time & low-income home buyers.
26. i just got dental insurance! and health. i think i was too embarrassed to even put that on the list. i am so excited to go to the dentist and get my teeth cleaned! i had gone to the school last and it was no fun having 10 people peering over your mouth learning how to pull a tooth. ouch.
27. two friends gave me their bikes... but neither is my dream bike... should have put that out there;) a beautiful schwinn type bike with a basket. can beggers be choosers?
29. we do have friends over for dinner more than we used to vs going out to a restaurant. it has to be a really conscious decision because there are so many good restaurants in the bay area and it's just easier.
30. i just got 2 good pairs of good butt jeans on sale at anthropologie! it helps if you decide to like your booty first i suppose.
32. i got new running sneakers!! my old ones were over 5 years old with holes. it's hard for me to pay for functional things like that aren't attractive.

SO the rest are a work in progress. i have to say when i write down my intentions, it works... i don't think it's hocus pocus, but i do think it is recognizing what i/you want and appreciating it when it occurs. what are your thoughts on this? i noticed that as soon as i wrote this list suddenly friends are giving me their bikes and asking me to go to homeownership workshops and my mother in-law bought me a membership to SCBWI so i can work towards publishing a children's book! and plans are in the works to visit seattle & portland:) it is interesting to reflect here on my priorities to be more centered, grounded, balanced and responsible and having it all be part and parcel of my bigger dreams. here are the rest:

2. make my own curtains
4. step up my exercise: research martial arts, marathons & personal trainers
5. finish & then send off my children's book & then publish it!
7. spend the time to cook & eat slowly and at a table (vs a computer or standing up! old waitress habit.)
8. meditate daily.
10. earn X amount of $.
11. have a solo show.
13. have internet free weekends and nights.
14. go to nova scotia.
15. explore portland, oregon.
16. visit friends in seattle.
17. paint our living room.
18. get a coffee table that works.
19. go to the ocean more!
20. go on hikes!
21. yoga once a week or more.
22. learn to drive in san francisco.
23. drive with hugh cross country, or at least halfway.
28. simplify.
31. get a nice everyday sweater (i bought one, but i've decided it looks like a mumu and cannot be my go to one)

big hugs to you,


Tiffany said...

I'm a firm believer in writing out what I want...because by listing our intentions, we're telling the Universe "Okay, I'm ready for this. I'm open to it. Send it my way!" It's a very positive step!



gracia said...

A fine list of things gathered.

I think when I turn 33 in September I'll pen a list and see how it goes... I really like the sound of this idea.

take care, g xo

lisa s said...

i'd have to say you are doing pretty good!!! :)
the italy thing is fantastic. wish i could come take your class!!

mimulus said...

I agree, a fine list of things accomplished, things to come. knowing what you want is half the battle. and dang! I never can find any good jeans on sale at Anthropologie, you have a gift.

gigegy said...

hey we can have more sewing lessons. it'll be fun, just holler!

Lori said...

I had to leave a comment because i stumbled upon your blog and smiled when i saw your name. My name is Lori McDonough. :-) Your blog is lovely and your work is, too. Happy weekend from one McDonough to another!

alice said...

Great list! Your new website is wonderful too.

Geek+Nerd said...

I think that it's wonderful that you've even accomplished that much of such a big list! Good luck with the rest :)

dandelion said...

I have been taking a bit of a blogging break (from posting at least) but I have been still reading all my favourites... Just because I havent commented doesn't mean I haven't had lots to say... I'm back now and wanting to get back in the saddle, I hope I can make up for lost time...x (great list...)

jess gonacha said...

i love this! you've inspired me to make a list of my own. there have been many lists in the past, but i think it's time for another one.

congrats on everything you've accomplished so far!!
(i love that you put the dentist on there. :) and i have a hard time justifying buying things like running shoes, too!)

jenifer74 said...

we should really doing a sewing project thing together; a bring your project and machine and pool knowledge group thing...

love the farmers market. we still need to do the flea mkt...

good list mati, good start too!!

see ya soon. xxx.

Anonymous said...

hey there! when your book comes out you should visit the bookshop i work at, secret garden books in seattle, we specialize in kids books and love to host author events. your art is super lovely.