Tuesday, April 08, 2008

upcoming show at madrone lounge & some hair talk.

upcoming artshow at madrone lounge
madrone art show deets

i'll be madly painting a few boat paintings between now and then:) maybe you can make the opening!!?? i would love that.

here's a pic of my shorter & blonder hair. having shorter hair makes me feel a bit tomboyish, which is fun. it also makes me want to wear darker colors. does this happen to any of you hair changers? i'm such an antsy hair person... i was just looking through some random photos and it's red, brown, bangs, short, long. when i was in college i had alanis moirsette long hair and when i first moved out here to SF i had pixie short hair (i'll look for some photos). and bright red, yellow, bright pink streaks & light pink... and everything in between. fortunately my husband hugh sticks to blue
or black, which is good because i don't think i could pull those shades off.


kelly said...

i love it and i can't waitto see new paintings...yum!

kelly said...

mati....thank youfor adding me.
i just noticed. i have a big smile.

Anonymous said...

ooh i SO wish i could go!!
I have been wanting so badly to order more prints from your etsy shop. i just love it all!!!
perhaps i will go look now and find another joy to hang on my wall!
you are A GEM!