Tuesday, December 16, 2008

hi hi hi

ciao tutti!

coming up for air! i'm still painting away for our show at the harwood.

feeling like i'm making headway. in an insecure moment i told hugh that "i wasn't sure if they were any good because they are just about color"... he answered,"yeah, that's like worrying if music is ok because it's just about sound", or something like that. true that.

paintings in my book are the language of color i'm trying to speak it :)

above is a newbie in my shop.

psst- till the 20th i'm donating some of the proceeds to art programs for children affected by homelessness


amanda said...

*sigh* i love your work, i love your colour.

katy said...

when i hug up your 'believe' print my girls said "ohhh so much color and a message too...how did you get this?" as if it had fallen out of the sky....but that is the effect your art has, it is magical. good luck with your show. kt

kristen said...

beautiful as always, just like you!

h. luv said...

you always make me smile. colour is the essence of extract of all things good. most people are afraid of it. you layer it in a way that makes my eyes scream with happiness and my brain go, how she do that.

Soldier without a War said...

it is so AWESOME. pretty pretty pretty! :)

jenifer74 said...

can't wait to see this new work :) xxx.

Jill Nalette said...

I think your work is always beautiful!!! I look forward to seeing more.
Have a wonderful time at the art show.
Peace, Love and Smiles,

Anna Lloyd said...

Just beautiful Mati, it's one of those paintings you could look at for a long time to find new little details, I love that!

Sometimes it's kind of a good thing if you are not confident in your work because it makes you challenge yourself perhaps?

One Love Photo said...

oh that image above makes me so very happy! Love it! Love your style. so stinking sweet.

kaitlyn sullivan said...

Loving your work.. so colorful & i love your layering! I makes me want to go back to collaging