Friday, January 09, 2009

our monster

We're back from the desert of New Mexico, totally in love with the wonders of that place. Green Chiles galore, thrift stores with motherlodes of overlooked vintage dresses, good friends and not least of all painting our first collaborative mural and having our friends perform at our opening! It was a blast. I miss everyone already.

Here's the monster mural:
our monster mural

Our aim was to impress the young ones and I think it was a success!:
Harwood with kids

The Church Animals in concert:
The Church Animals perform

Some of our work:
Hugh's work
Some of my new work

Us Watching the Animals:
Listening to the Animals

How we made the monster:



betsy said...

Mati and Hugh, I love your monster! And that video rocks! xo

amy said...

i love watching things being created. thank you for sharing your (friendly) monster video.

Geek+Nerd said...

The monster mural is awesome! xoxo

jetfuellines said...

This is so cool. Love the monster.
Happy New Year! My family loved the gifts and my mother-in-law got me one of your mounted prints (believe...with birds and a hive). I was so psyched! It is sitting right in front of me.

katy said...

loved the video ...looks like it was a great show. katy

Blue said...

MONSTROUSLY cool!!!!!!!!!!


Bisous, Elizabeth

Liz said...

Love the video and the monster and the show looks awesome, i heart nm and all those pinon pines and all your work!

deb said...

love the video! it's so fun to see the mural take shape.

Heather said...

What a great show! That mural is awesome!~

Red Flashlight said...

How I love Santa Fe! Thanks for sharing.

Jill said...

I'm glad your both back safe and you have a great time!! I saw you and Hugh's art work at Nahcotta. The whole show is really wonderful.
Great Monster mural!!
Smiles and xoxo

stacy kathryn said...

That is so very cool! Sounds and looks like you guys had an awesome show and a ton of fun. :)

janis said...

I am touched by your collaboration. Very sweet you two... :)

Gypsy Alex said...

You are such a cute couple! Can't wait to get together, Mati. xxox

enchantedcurious said...

This looks like an absolute feast ! I cant believe its taken me this long to find your blog.... i'm adding it to my favourites RIGHT NOW.

jenica said...

i so love every bit of this.

Amber Leilani said...

you are both so talented. i find so much awe and inspiration from this blog!

Monica said...

This is such a cool video - I LOVE you guys and am so excited that you're doing our CD cover - another amazing Hugh and Mati collaboration.