Thursday, February 12, 2009

little vagabonds + painting inspires me

little vagabonds!
we're having another art opening down the street tomorrow night, friday the 13th!
please come to a.muse gallery if you're around we'd love to see you.

i've been having an inspiring time painting. not sure what to make of this new body of work... the photos are just a teaser + some honestly in bad light... so you have to come in person to see! plus there are more than pictured! yay!

*i love what miss jen lemen says about "what 100 painting will teach you".

*also, i like reading about anahata's process/concepts.

*and one of my favorite painters beatriz milhazes speaks about her painting process via dear ada

*have i told you i'm really excited to teach painting at art nest soon?! are any of you out there joining us?

*AND, more on this later, but kelly and i are planning to teach a coffee table book class next year at art journey!

i'm going to seattle next week to put together a sample of the "funky chunky coffee table" book (kooky name, eh? it makes me laugh each time i say it in the best way) and for some good, much needed, girl time with super creative women: kelly and my bff from childhood and maybe jenny and andrea as well? lots of goodness ahead. exploring. clothes shopping. mani/pedi. cafes. guilty pleasure tv aka the bachelor and the city analyzing. lemon drops. dare i say hot-tubbing and orange crush VW driving?

i feel lucky. speaking of luck... a giveaway of my talented friend jenifer of sprout studios is featured on kelly's blog today.



Liz said...

Oh Mati, so many many wonderful things happening for you, and I say YAY! Love the graphic for little vagabonds, and have a wonderful opening tomorrow, on the auspicious date of friday the 13th! xoL

Anonymous said...

Hi Mati,

I'll be at ArtNest. Looking forward to meeting you!


Britt said...

thank you so much for your comment on my art. you rock.
i'm so so looking forward to artnest!

matirose said...

Britt + Shelley!
We're going to have the best time in the winter wonderland :)

m i c h e l l e said...

Love hearing about all the joy and happiness finding its way to you! See you in less than two weeks!!! Eeee!

corine said...

I just discovered your work and LOVE it. I blogged about it and now I'm off to add you to my list of favorite :-)

paperbird said...

Hi Mati,
I love the Mati- Kelly collaborative painting.
I will be at the Art Nest and I am looking forward to meeting you. I think that it will be an amazing retreat with you two supergirls!!!