Thursday, March 12, 2009

more home love

hi there,

i wanted to share another awesome photo and art collection from the oh so talented jennifer judd-mcgee of swallowfield fame (a fellow mainer and rad woman and artist). check out her etsy shoppe. i have this one and will be adding it to my framed montage soon! don't you just love her vintage pots + pans! sigh.
jennifer judd-mcgee's rad kitchen
my sweet parents michael + wanda are visiting from maine and we've been exploring my local haunts-- la taqueria was first on the list! hands down best tacos in the city (do i have any contesters out there? i know it's heated)
i'm not sure what else is on the list... maybe sewing curtains with my mom, big sur perhaps and lots of eating and walking. i'm hoping we can go to the farmer's market on saturday since it's been a regular lovely routine with miss jen and shash. i'm going to point to shash's photo collage here to show the beautiful (and inexpensive! and organic!) scene. isn't it colorful?

enjoy the day,

ps- jennifer features my print on the bottom under some camilla engman's i do believe-- lucky girl!


shash said...

mati, i can read your blog! did you change the font? yay!

Sara Moriarty-delaFuente said...

I love the piece that you have. Thanks for the link to her etsy.

jen j-m said...


rachellovespeace said...

lovely kitchen goods!

Diana said...


Does the taqueria really beat GORDO's??? MMMM. Makes me drool. I never got tacos there, though, only burritos. Wish we had more stuff like that here....

Jill Nalette said...

Mati, I hope your having a great weekend/time with your parents. I really need to get the print of "theirs nothing wrong with you" it would really help to see that on my wall.
Be well.
Smiles, Hugs and Love,
~Jill from N.H.

paperbird said...

Mati have fun with you parents.
Right about now I could eat ten taco's. Starving!
I painted on friday and thought about you and Kelly Rae :)

jenifer74 said...

yes to market this saturday :) missed you while visiting the chickens! have fun with your parents!! xxx.