Monday, September 28, 2009


it feels overkill to say this, as it seems so obvious, but i am really really extremely proud and inspired on a daily basis by my husband hugh and his artistic vision. yes, i get annoyed with him for all the typical domestic things like.... leaving every cupboard door open for example and not ever taking out the trash. but today let's put all that aside and celebrate hugh not just for being my sweet husband, but for being an awesome artist!
my husband hugh in front of his surfer poster!
here's a recent photo i snapped with my i-phone of hugh's art in our neighborhood! and here's his recent blog post about some great projects he's been working on. i really love seeing his process/sketches, don't you?


Caryn Lynn said...

I can see why you are proud, his work is great! I love the book cover illustrations, the one with the reversed image on the back cover reminds me of your some of your artwork.

Hayley Egan said...

I love his work. Loving your partner's work is just warmth and fuzziness. Watching them complete something awesome is like completing it yourself. I know the feeling. X